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SDRAM Within the wide range of applications based on the matured DDR SDRAM technology some designs call for low voltage (1.8V) mobile DDR parts. To come to those requirements Intelligent Memory offers the right fit available in commercial and industrial Temperature grade.

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Technical Specifications

Capacity: 1Gb
Organization: x16
Package: FBGA 60 ball
Voltage: 1.8V
Status: Sampling
RoHS: Yes
Cross to:
Micron MT46H64M16LFBF, SK Hynix H5MS1G62BFR, Samsung K4X1G323PF, K4X1G323PE
Part No. Green Version: IM1G16MDDCBG
  Leaded versions are available on request
Data-Rate Clock Rate Cycle Time
DDR-333 166MHz 6ns
75 200MHz 5ns
Temperature Grade

* C = Commercial Temp, I = Industrial Temp

C: 0°C to 70°C tA
I: -40°C to 85°C tA
tA = Ambient (Room) temperature


Datasheet version 1.0 / 09.12.2015
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* C = Commercial Temp, I = Industrial Temp