eXtra Robustness DRAM

Introducing I'M Intelligent Memory's eXtra Robust DRAM components elevate your application to a higher level of memory reliability.

Intelligent Memory´s eXtra Robust DRAM components utilize a physical protection to the stored data-bits by holding the bits in larger capacitors achieved by a redundant data topology. Each bit is actually represented in the cell array by double amount of charge as it is typically used by off-the-shelf standard DRAM´s. The robustness against typical root-causes for single-bit errors gets heavily increased. The parts are drop in replacements for conventional DRAM chips and do not require hardware or software changes to function.

We offer our XR DRAM products with operation temperature ranges up to 125° C (X-Grade). Please contact us for AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified parts.


Product Brief

DRAM with integrated error correcting code

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