I'M Intelligent Memories customers are active in industrial- communication- and similar demanding sectors.
High quality semiconductor memory components, reliable supply and longevity are important factors to succed it this challenging business environment.
In order to support these requirements we expanded our portfolio by high reliable and long term available Flash products.

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* S = Standard , I = Industrial , A = Automotive E = Automotive

NRND** = Not Recommended for New Designs. We are planning to release a new die-version. Please contact us to discuss replacements.

CS* = Customer Samples

Flash Memory is a non volatile electrically erase- and programmable type of semiconductor memory.

NAND Flash is organised in blocks. It is typically in use with Applications where bigger Data quantities have to be written and read in a fast manner.

RAW NAND comes without error collection mechanism and cell life time management, it requires an external host controller to perform the management of previous functions.

Managed NAND like eMMC and SPI NAND contain a built-in controller module, and by design it can handle the ECC requirements of theRAW NAND. Firmware to handle the ECC strategies (performs retry, block bad identification, and replacement) is built in to memory media; this must be provided in the software layer for raw flash.

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is an interface bus commonly used to send data between microcontrollers and small peripherals device.

SPI NAND consists of RAW NAND Flash and a controller providing bad block management, wear leveling of NAND and communication with Host through SPI interface.

SPI NAND provides low pin count and smaller dimension compared to parallel NAND Flash, which saves design cost and PCB cost of system. The controller of SPI NAND can manage error correction and bad block replacement, it also saves loading of host SOC.

Intelligent Memory (IM) supplies LGA8 6x8mm 8pins package SPI NAND.

1. SPI NAND 's R/W Performance is good enough for boot device rather than large storage

2. SPI NAND can handle ECC and FW complexity, which is easier for SoC to control

3. Overall BOM cost can be reduced in comparison to Parallel NAND

Yes, there are many successful applicaion implemened SPI NAND such as Set Top Box, Wi-Fi Router, Surveillance Camera, NVR, Smart Home devices...

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