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Capacity Interface Package Temperature-range Technology Endurance
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Part No. Category Capacity Interface Package Technology Endurance Temperature Status Datasheet

* S = Standard , I = Industrial , A = Automotive E = Automotive

NRND** = Not Recommended for New Designs. We are planning to release a new die-version. Please contact us to discuss replacements.

CS* = Customer Samples

Flash Memory is a non volatile electrically erase- and programmable type of semiconductor memory.

The pSLC configuration on muliti level cell ( MLC, TLC) NAND only takes 2 bits for data storage from original 4bit MLC or 8 bits TLC NAND. It can dramatically increase the reliability, endurance of NAND Flash. It makes the SSDs meet high P/E cycle, high TBW demand in industrial and embedded applications and also increases data access performance.

SerialATA Bus is a serial interface widely used to connect Hard Disk or alike flash based Storages (SSD´s) to the main control unit like the PC motherboard for instance.

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