DDR3 Modules

DRAM Modules DDR3 the 3rd generation of synchronous double data rate SDRAM further reduce power consumption and represents the technology mostly used in todays PC architecture based systems.  
As for our DDR1 and DDR2 Modules we also provide for DDR3 users ( beside std JEDEC std versions)  a special kind of Modules based on components with built in (embedded) ecc functionality. These modules turn a non ecc Module (64Bit wide data bus) into an device with a reliability of an typical ecc-Module! Even if your PC system does not have an ecc capable CPU these Modules will provide you with data integrity comparable to a server system. For users needing huge working memory space we offer high density 16 GByte UDIMM and SO-DIMM modules.



We have to diversify between standard computer systems (laptops, desktops, servers) and industrial applications.

Most standard computer systems base either on Intel or AMD processors. We verified that most AMD CPU based computers work fine with 16GB modules. For Intel-CPU based systems, the compatibility is currently limited to the new Intel 5th generation 'Broadwell' CPUs (i3/i5/i7-5xxxU), which are used in many notebooks and NUCs since year 2015. In addition, there are many small server platforms running on Intel Atom 'Avoton' C2xxx processors, for example from Supermicro or ASRock, which have been approved with Intelligent Memory 16GB modules as well.

Embedded/Industrial applications typically use CPUs or FPGAs which allow the memory to be manually configured, for example from Freescale, TI, Xilinx, etc. These platforms will all work fine with IM 16GB modules. For Intel based boards, the compatibility has been verified for 5th generation Broadwell-U and 'Baytrail-I' E38xx processors, as long as the latest MRC is used in the BIOS.

In early 2015, Intel has released the new 5th generation Broadwell-U CPUs, which can be identified by the CPU code i3/i5/i7-5xxxU. The '-5' in the CPU-code defines the processor-generation to be the 5th. The majority of Laptops, NUCs and other platforms with these new 5th gen CPUs have already been successfully tested to take the Intelligent Memory 16GB SO-DIMMs. Machines with two memory-slots can be upgraded to 32GB by using two 16GB modules. However, even if your notebook has a 5th generation Intel CPU, you will often find the official manufacturer specification to show a maximum memory of only 8GB (single memory slot) or 16GB (two memory slots). As we understand that this is very confusing, please check our compatibility list and additionally contact us to verify if your laptop or NUC is compatible before you place your order.

The new Apple 27" iMac (release Oct 2015) are based on 6th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Platform (code name "Skylake"). These machines can use our 16GB DDR3 SODIMMS ( IMM2G64D3(L)SOD8A) so by using all 4 slots with these modules you can reach up to 64GB main memory.

Important: Notebooks or other systems with Intel 3rd, 4th or older CPU-generations are unfortunately not able to take 16GB modules. Please do not order 16GB modules just to 'try them'. We can assure you that older Intel based platforms can not recognize the memory and will not boot.

Please click Where-to-buy to find your next local dealer or distributor. Intelligent Memory is very interested to partner with more online-shops, computer dealers and system-integrators worldwide. If you have your own preferred reseller where you purchased your notebook, NUC or server, please inform this reseller to send an e-mail to info@intelligentmemory.com to request pricing, product information and marketing material. WIth your help, we can expand our sales-network and you can get local support!

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