Company Information

Intelligent Memory (IM) is a German-owned, memory manufacturer serving the industrial and embedded memory market.

IM has been developing memory and storage products for demanding industrial applications since 1991 (as Pacific Force Technology Limited until 2013).  Over the past three decades, we have seen steady growth by serving a wide range of industrial and embedded OEMs and their CEMs through our extensive global distribution network.​ 

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What sets Intelligent Memory apart from other memory manufacturers?

Low Volume, High Mix

Most memory manufacturers have identical products and only compete on price. They focus on mass-market products to be able to push millions of standard components off the shelves at low cost.

At Intelligent Memory, we care about the industrial and embedded markets, focusing on their special demands for reliability, extended temperature ranges, long product lifecycles, wide databus, and high density components. We utilize our own unique technologies and experience to achieve these goals at attractive pricing, also ideal for customers with smaller production volumes.

Company History

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