Memory Products

For All of Your Unique Requirements

DRAM Components

Intelligent Memory offers a full range of DRAM Components from SDRAM through to DDR4, as well as some low power versions, such as LPDDR2, LPDDR3, and LPDDR4/x.

IM provides fabless DRAM component manufacturing across a variety of industries that depend on high reliability, durability and longevity.


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Intelligent Memory DRAM Components

DRAM Modules

IM’s module capacity offering goes beyond anything you may have previously encountered. From SDRAM through to DDR5, IM provides a diverse selection of memory modules in a variety of technologies and form factors to meet any requirement.

Teamed with our revolutionary ECC DRAM components, Intelligent Memory can produce an incredible array of module form factors with built in error correction (ECC) features. The results are DRAM memory modules for all applications with exceptional reliability.

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NAND Flash Products

IM has been offering its own wide range of specialty, industrial grade NAND Flash products since 2014.  They include different form factors, NAND Flash types, interfaces and capacities from legacy products, such as CompactFlash cards, to the latest PCIe technology.


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Intelligent Memory NAND Flash Products