DRAM Components - DDR1

DDR1 technology lives and operates in all areas of industrial technologies, and for the longest time, has been limited to only 512Mb density per chip. 

Intelligent Memory is happy to be offering the 1Gb maximum capacity in TSOP as well as in BGA with 256Mb and 512Mb capacities.
DDR1 Components
Density  Organization Maximum Speed (Data Rate Mbps) Packages Temperature* ECC AEC-Q100
1Gb x8, x16 166MHz (333Mbps) TSOPII-66 Commercial, Industrial Y N
512Mb x8, x16 200MHz (400Mbps) TSOPII-66, FBGA-60 Commercial, Industrial N N
256Mb x8, x16 400MHz (800Mbps) FBGA-60, FBGA-84 Commercial, Industrial N N

*Commercial = 0°C to +95°C  /  Industrial = -40°C to +95°C  /  High = -40°C to +105°C

Key features
  • Double data rate clocking timing, 2.5V power supply
  • SSTL_2 compatible inputs
  • Programmable burst length and CAS latency
  • Auto refresh and self refresh
  • High speed data transfer rates up to 400MHz, available in commerical, industrial and automotive grades
  • 256Mb, 512Mb & 1Gb with packages of TSOP II and BGA
  • Integrated ECC error correction