DRAM Modules - SDRAM

SDRAM, or Synchronous DRAM, sometimes also called Single Data Rate SDRAM, is a matured technology which was introduced in the 1990s.

To this day, many industrial platforms still operate reliably on this field and therefore need upgrades and maintenance. This is why Intelligent Memory intends to continue supporting SDRAM modules well into the future.
SDRAM Modules
DIMM Type Form Factor Capacity Maximum Speed Temperature* Height Component Data Width
Non-ECC UDIMM 168pin DIMM 512MB, 256MB PC-133 Commercial, Industrial 1.375" x8
Non-ECC SODIMM 144pin SODIMM 512MB, 256MB PC-133 Commercial, Industrial 1.10" x8, x16

*Commercial = 0°C to +95°C  /  Industrial = -40°C to +95°C  /  High = -40°C to +105°C

Key features
  • Different Form Factors: non-ECC UDIMM, ECC UDIMM, non-ECC SODIMM and ECC SODIMM
  • Higher bandwidth performance (up to PC-133)
  • Capacities of 128MB up to 512MB
  • Standard PCB height
  • JEDEC standard 3.3V
  • Environmental compliance, longevity and assembly services available
  • Fully tested in application environments for stability and performance