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IM has been offering its own wide range of specialty, industrial grade NAND Flash products since 2014. They include different form factors, NAND Flash types, interfaces and capacities from legacy products, such as CompactFlash cards, to the latest PCIe technology.

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The Flash product ranges are…

  • available as removable media, embedded form factors and BGA components​
  • equipped with high quality hardware and industrial grade firmware ​
  • developed and tested for demanding operating environments​
  • offered in different grades and customized for specific applications to optimize performance, lifetime and reliability​.

IM’s NAND line-up includes 3 family categories: Emerald, Ruby and Silver which are classified by their endurance​.  Some families offer sub-categories, such as the longevity option which offers extended long-term availability​.  All products come with IM’s full range of technical support and tools​.

Find all NAND Flash Products