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To cope with the challenge of achieving double memory density without the necessity of two separate sets of control wires, IM has developed a unique way to manufacture 8 Gigabit DDR3 single chip select components with existing DRAM process technologies. From applications point of view, they will see these components work like a monolithic device.

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IM 8 Gbit single chip select components are compatible to the JEDEC pinout of monolithic devices and provide the simplest path to upgrade applications using DDR3 DRAM. They allow for new maximum levels of memory density without altering existing board-layouts or designs. Compared to 4 Gbit devices, there are no additional physical address lines (applies to x8 1 CS) required on the layout. Thus, any application that is able to address 4 Gbit DDR3 components will also be physically able to address the 8 Gbit single CS components.

IM not only offer DDR3 8 Gbit single chip select components, but also DDR3 8 Gbit two chip select components with full range of DDR3 8Gb product line.
Besides components, IM offers the very first 16 Gigabyte unbuffered DIMMs and SO-DIMMs memory modules, based on the IM 8 Gb single chip select components. The modules follow the 2 ranks JEDEC specification.

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