DRAM Components - LPDDR4

Intelligent Memory's LPDDR4, or Low-Power Double Data Rate DRAMs, boast integrated ECC error-correction capabilities that operate over the industrial temperature range, and consume even less energy than its predecessors.
LPDDR4 Components
Density Org Max Speed (Data Rate Mbps) Packages *Temperature ECC AEC-Q100
8Gb Two channel (2x16) 1600MHz (3200Mbps) FBGA-200 I, H Y Y
4Gb Two channel (2x16) 1600MHz (3200Mbps) FBGA-200 I, H Y Y

*Commercial = 0°C to +95°C / Industrial = -40°C to +95°C / High = -40°C to +105°C

Key features
  • Low Voltage Power Supply 1.8V and I/O at 1.1V
  • Mobile features for lower power
  • ZQ Calibration
  • Integrated ECC error correction
  • 4Gb x32 and 8Gb x32 are available