Intelligent Memory covers over 70 Percent of the U.S. Market with Network of Representatives and Distributors

Intelligent Memory covers over 70 Percent of the U.S. Market with Network of Representatives and Distributors

Irvine, California, March. 13, 2023 – In just 12 months since picking up its operations in the U.S., Intelligent Memory (IM), a manufacturer of industrial-grade memory products, has built a network of five distributors and four representative firms in the U.S. that cover over 70 percent of the total addressable market. This rapid expansion is proof that the market for legacy memory components typically used in industrial applications is underserved.

Luscombe Engineering and its sister company, Spectrum Marketing, added IM to their line card due to its comprehensive portfolio as well as the potential that IM opens to provide the low volume, but high memory product mix that industrial customers require.

Spirit Electronics CEO Marti McCurdy added: “IM has many solutions for legacy and obsoleted memory products, often allowing engineers to avoid a re-spin of the circuit board. Many of their products are backward compatible with those of other memory manufacturers.”

Intelligent Memory focuses on legacy memory products for industrial applications. It is one of the few memory manufacturers that offers DRAM components as well as DRAM modules ranging from SDRAM to DDR4 in addition to its customizable NAND flash memory portfolio. All memory products are available in a wide range of capacities and configurations, making IM’s portfolio one of the most comprehensive offerings in the market from one single source.

“IM fills a much-needed gap in the memory market,” explained David Raquet, Global Sales Leader at Intelligent Memory. “Instead of focusing on bleeding edge technology and high volumes, IM caters for the needs of industrial customers with our reliable legacy memory solutions. As memory manufacturers are scaling down their output, industrial customers will soon feel the effects and IM is ready to offer high-quality alternatives.”

Intelligent Memory opened its operations in California, in March 2022 with MEMPHIS Electronic as its existing distributor. Since then, IM has signed up Spirit Electronics, QDT Inc., NAC Semi, Digikey and Mouser as distributors and Fusion Sourcing, Rep One, Luscombe Engineering and Spectrum Marketing as Representative firms. Together these companies cover more than 70 percent of the total addressable embedded and electronic design market in the U.S.

About Intelligent Memory:
Intelligent Memory has been developing memory products for demanding industrial applications since 1991 (as Pacific Force Technology Limited until 2013). The extensive product portfolio consists of DRAM ICs and modules (from SDR to DDR4) and a variety of managed NAND products for industrial applications like SATA or PCIe SSDs, SD & microSD cards, CF cards, USB sticks and eMMC. All solutions of Intelligent Memory have been designed to meet the industry’s demands for quality, reliability, longevity and long-term availability.

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