Intelligent Memory NAND Flash: The Importance of Optimizing WAF

NAND Flash: The Importance of Optimizing WAF

Did you ever wonder how your drive works like it does - and moreover why?  Well, in our latest video we go through the important factors of determining endurance and performance when choosing top-tier NAND flash products for lasting use. Comprehending how Tera Bytes Written, Drive Writes Per Day, Read and Write speeds, and the Write Amplification Factor (WAF) impact your device's efficiency is paramount to its functionality and choosing the right device! 

Learn about NAND flash technologies (SLC, MLC, TLC) and firmware parameters like Garbage Collection, Over Provisioning, and Wear Leveling.

Another paramater, not discussed in this video is Thermal Throttling.  Coming soon, we will do another video deep dive into this subject.  So don't miss out on this tech journey with us – stay tuned!

Watch the video here:  NAND Flash: The Importance of Optimizing WAF (

Watch the video here in Chinese:  智能存储器 “WAF”

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