DRAM Component - DDR1 - IM5116D1CDTG-5I

512Mb - 200MHz (400Mbps) - 2.5V - 32Mx16 - TSOPII-66
Part number IM5116D1CDTG-5I
Category DDR1
Organization 32Mx16
Speed 200MHz (400Mbps)
Voltage 2.5V
Package TSOPII-66
Temperature -40°C to +85°C tA
Capacity 512Mb
Chip select 1
Status MP - Mass Production
ECC feature
DRAM Component - DDR1 - 512Mb - 200MHz (400Mbps) - 2.5V - 32Mx16 - TSOPII-66 - IM5116D1CDTG-5I

DRAM Components - DDR1

Intelligent Memory specializes in technology for the industrial space, which previously limited chip density to 512Mb. Now, we’re glad to offer 1Gb capacity in TSOP and BGA, which also comes in 256Mb and 512Mb capacities.

With greater bandwidth than SDRAM, your transfer rate doubles with no changes to the internal clock, making it the perfect solution for your product needs. With IM’s comprehensive support and years of experience, we’re proud to be your one-stop solution.