DRAM Component - DDR2 - IM2G16D2DBBG-25I

2Gb - 400MHz (800Mbps) - 1.8V - 128Mx16 - FBGA-84
Part number IM2G16D2DBBG-25I
Category DDR2
Organization 128Mx16
Speed 400MHz (800Mbps)
Voltage 1.8V
Package FBGA-84
Temperature -40°C to +95°C tC
Capacity 2Gb
Chip select 1
Status MP - Mass Production
ECC feature
Intelligent Memory DDR2 Components

DRAM Components - DDR2

Although DDR2 is the most common memory technology in industrial applications, Intelligent Memory is excited to offer something a little different. We’ve pushed the technology even further with monolithic DDR2, 2Gb chips in x4, x8, and x16 configurations.

With high-speed data transfer up to 1066MHz and available with commercial, industrial, and automotive grade, Intelligent Memory’s DDR2 solutions address the unique product and service requirements of an evolving industry.