DRAM Component - DDR3 - IM8G16D3FFBG-107

8Gb - 933MHz (1866Mbps) - 1.5V/1.35V - 512Mx16 - FBGA-96
Part number IM8G16D3FFBG-107
Category DDR3
Organization 512Mx16
Speed 933MHz (1866Mbps)
Voltage 1.5V/1.35V
Package FBGA-96
Temperature 0°C to +95°C tC
Capacity 8Gb
Chip select 1
Status MP - Mass Production
ECC feature
Intelligent Memory DDR3 Components

DRAM Components - DDR3

Industrial electronics frequently utilize DDR3 technology, which means you can count on Intelligent Memory to maintain stock for our customer base. In fact, these 8Gb and 16Gb memory ICs provide the basis for our ultrahigh-density DDR3 modules and are designed to support a variety of critical applications.

Thanks to their reduced power consumption, DDR3s are relied upon for PC architecture-based systems, supplying data integrity, no matter the size, for commercial and industrial-grade applications.