DRAM Component - LPDDR4 - IME4G32L4HABG-062H

4Gb - 1600MHz (3200Mbps) - 1.1V - 128Mx32 - FBGA-200
Part number IME4G32L4HABG-062H
Category LPDDR4
Organization 128Mx32
Speed 1600MHz (3200Mbps)
Voltage 1.1V
Package FBGA-200
Temperature -40°C to +105°C tC
Capacity 4Gb
Chip select 2
Status MP
ECC feature Yes
AEC-Q100 Yes
DRAM Component - LPDDR4 - 4Gb - 1600MHz (3200Mbps) - 1.1V - 128Mx32 - FBGA-200 - IME4G32L4HABG-062H

DRAM Components - LPDDR4

Intelligent Memory's LPDDR4, or Low-Power Double Data Rate DRAMs, boast integrated ECC error-correction capabilities that operate over the industrial temperature range, and consume even less energy than its predecessors.