DRAM Component - LPDDR4(x) - IME4G32L4HABG-062H - LPDDR4

4Gb - 1600MHz (3200Mbps) - 1.1V - 128Mx32 - FBGA-200
Part number IME4G32L4HABG-062H - LPDDR4
Category LPDDR4(x)
Organization 128Mx32
Speed 1600MHz (3200Mbps)
Voltage 1.1V
Package FBGA-200
Temperature -40°C to +105°C tC
Capacity 4Gb
Chip select 2
Status MP - Mass Production
ECC feature Yes
AEC-Q100 Yes
LPDDR4 & LPDDR4x Components

DRAM Components - LPDDR4(x)

Intelligent Memory's Low Power Double Data Rate DRAMs offer an advantage over traditional DDR for achieving low power in applications where it makes a critical difference, including tablets, SSD cards, cellular devices, and automotive systems. Fully JEDEC compliant, Intelligent Memory’s LPDDR4 integrates error-correction capabilities that consume less energy than its predecessors and operates over the industrial and high temperature ranges.

So what’s the difference between DDR4 and LPDDR4? LPDDR4 is specifically designed for mobile devices, offering slightly lower operating power in favor of power savings—perfect for smaller form factors.

The 'x' stands for 'extra' or 'extended'. The LPDDR4x is available in densities from 4Gb to 64Gb and in a 200-ball FBGA package. The LPDDR4x boasts improved features, such as its maximum data rate performance increasing from 2133 Mbps (DDR3) up to 4266 Mbps by adding termination and calibration options, while its biggest change is its operating I/O (VDDQ) voltage. This has been reduced by 60%, going from 1.5V (DDR3) down to 0.6V!