DRAM Module - DDR2 - IMM64M72D2MWS8AG-D25

VLP Mini-RDIMM - 512MB - PC2-6400 (800MT/s) - 1.8V - 64Mx1x72 - 244pin MiniDIMM
Part number IMM64M72D2MWS8AG-D25
Category DDR2
Subcategory VLP Mini-RDIMM
Organization 64Mx1x72
Speed PC2-6400 (800MT/s)
Voltage 1.8V
Form factor 244pin MiniDIMM
Temperature 0°C to +85°C tC
Capacity 512MB
Height 18.29mm
Component 64Mx8
Chip select 1
Status Available
ECC feature Yes
DRAM Module - DDR2 - VLP Mini-RDIMM - 512MB - PC2-6400 (800MT/s) - 1.8V - 64Mx1x72 - 244pin MiniDIMM - IMM64M72D2MWS8AG-D25

DRAM Modules - DDR2

Intelligent Memory offers specialized modules for DDR2 based on components with an embedded ECC functionality, which turn a non-ECC module (64Bit-wide data bus) into a device with the reliability of an ECC module. This second-generation technology provides higher speeds and reduced power consumption, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

IM’s DDR2 module provides data integrity comparable to a server system, even if your PC lacks an ECC-capable CPU. From legacy to mainstream and standard to specialized, we have you covered.