DRAM Module - DDR3 - IMM2G72D3DUD8AG-F107

ECC UDIMM - 16GB - PC3-14900 (1866MT/s) - 1.5V - 1Gx2x72 - 240pin DIMM
Part number IMM2G72D3DUD8AG-F107
Category DDR3
Subcategory ECC UDIMM
Organization 1Gx2x72
Speed PC3-14900 (1866MT/s)
Voltage 1.5V
Form factor 240pin DIMM
Temperature 0°C to +95°C tC
Capacity 16GB
Height 30.00mm
Component 1Gx8
Chip select 2
Status Available
ECC feature Yes
DRAM Module - DDR3 - ECC UDIMM - 16GB - PC3-14900 (1866MT/s) - 1.5V - 1Gx2x72 - 240pin DIMM - IMM2G72D3DUD8AG-F107

DRAM Modules - DDR3

Intelligent Memory offers unique DDR3 modules, featuring reduced power consumption and up to 16GB of working memory space. Conveniently turn a non-ECC module into a device with the reliability of a typical ECC module in your PC architecture-based system, negating the need to upgrade entire systems or to use excess power.

We are equipped to serve embedded and industrial customers across the globe, and with 30 years of experience, our low-mid volume and high-mix product offerings ensure you’re able to get what you need, every time. Enjoy supply stability, support, and quality every step of the way.