DRAM Module - DDR3 - IMM512M72D3LSOS8AG-D125

ECC SODIMM - 4GB - PC3-12800 (1600MT/s) - 1.35V - 512Mx1x72 - 204pin SODIMM
Part number IMM512M72D3LSOS8AG-D125
Category DDR3
Subcategory ECC SODIMM
Organization 512Mx1x72
Speed PC3-12800 (1600MT/s)
Voltage 1.35V
Form factor 204pin SODIMM
Temperature 0°C to +95°C tC
Capacity 4GB
Height 30.00mm
Component 512Mx8
Chip select 1
Status Available
ECC feature Yes
DRAM Module - DDR3 - ECC USODIMM - 4GB - PC3-12800 (1600MT/s) - 1.35V - 512Mx1x72 - 204pin SODIMM - IMM512M72D3LSOS8AG-D125

DRAM Modules - DDR3

DDR3 is the Double Data Rate SDRAM's third generation. It reduces power consumption even further and represents a technology mostly used in today's PC architecture-based systems.

In addition to DDR1 and DDR2, Intelligent Memory also provides unique modules (besides standard JEDEC versions) for DDR3 users. They are based on components with embedded ECC functionality and can turn a non-ECC module (64Bit wide data bus) into a device with the reliability of a typical ECC-module.

For users needing extensive working memory space, we offer high-density 16 GB UDIMM and SODIMM modules.