NAND Flash Product - eMMC - IMEM064GM4AAM1A-I

eMMC 5.0 - 64GB - eMMC 100 Ball - eMMC 100 Ball
Part number IMEM064GM4AAM1A-I
Category eMMC
Subcategory eMMC 5.0
Form factor eMMC 100 Ball
Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Capacity 64GB
Family Silver
Status Available
FLASH module - eMMC - eMMC 5.0 - 64GB - eMMC 100 ball - Silver - IMEM064GM4AAM1A-I

NAND Flash Products - eMMC

Intelligent Memory’s eMMC family offers vibration resistant options with superior power efficiency for all of your smaller designs. With a small form factor and low power consumption, this JEDEC-compliant and automotive-grade optional product is designed to offer a variety of options for customization.

NAND products show their best performance at the beginning of use, but we are dedicated to delivering great products with the highest sustained performance throughout their lifetime. We are committed to offering a NAND line-up in a variety of common interfaces, form factors, temperature grades, and capacity ranges.