DRAM Component - DDR3 - IM8G08D3FFDG-107

8Gb - 933MHz (1866Mbps) - 1.35V/1.5V - 1Gx8 - FBGA-78
Part number IM8G08D3FFDG-107
Category DDR3
Organization 1Gx8
Speed 933MHz (1866Mbps)
Voltage 1.35V/1.5V
Package FBGA-78
Temperature 0°C to +95°C tC
Capacity 8Gb
Chip select 2
Status ES
ECC feature
DRAM Component - DDR3 - 8Gb - 933MHz (1866Mbps) - 1.35V/1.5V - 1Gx8 - FBGA-78 - IM8G08D3FFDG-107

DRAM Components - DDR3

DDR3 is still widely used in industrial electronics. While some DRAM suppliers have decided to discontinue this technology, our intent is to keep it thriving to secure stock for our industrial customer base.

Intelligent Memory provides 8Gb and even 16Bb DDR3 memory ICs. These components are the basis for our ultra-high density DDR3 modules which support even the most demanding application settings.