Intelligent Memory Newsletter Q1 2024

Intelligent Memory Newsletter Q1 2024

It’s been a swift descent from the memory sales surge in 2022 to one of the worst setbacks that we saw in the past year.  An industry which is famous for its boom-and-bust cycles now needs to deal with additional hardships – raw materials shortages, geo-political tensions, chip acts, you know what we mean!

This added complexity makes it all the more difficult for OEMs, IDMs, etc. to navigate the market. For this reason, we felt the need to establish a more frequent communication channel in which we keep you updated on a quarterly basis about new product developments, technology updates, and relevant internal advancements.

And as our first internal update, we would like to let you know that our parent company, Neumonda GmbH, has moved to a new headquarter in Bad Homburg, Germany. You can update your internal records with the new address here.  We hope that you find our newsletter useful. Here’s to making 2024 our best year yet!

Who Is Intelligent Memory

Intelligent Memory Limited (IM) is a memory and storage manufacturer developing products for demanding industrial applications since 1991. Over the past three decades, we have been a reliable partner for small, medium and large industrial and embedded OEMs and their CEMs through our extensive global network. Unlike others in the industry, Intelligent Memory specializes in low-volume, high-mix product offerings to meet these industrial and embedded market customers‘ unique needs.

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ECC & Predictive Maintenance

DRAM is critical for many modern digital ecosystems, particularly to drive computational workloads. However, though DRAMs excel in fast data access, they grapple with- data integrity challenges. Specifically, flipped bits cause data corruption that can occur as a result of electrical interference, temperature changes, manufacturing defects, or even cosmic rays.

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Ignoring Data Security

The proliferation of data for businesses and individuals has upped the ante for data security, making it a critical piece of all security strategies. Organizations often focus their time and budget on physical and network security, unfortunately ignoring the major tenets of data security.  This negligence can place groups in precarious situations where their data is vulnerable, putting their businesses and customers at risk.

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What Really Defines NAND Flash Endurance

This article demonstrates why the endurance of a NAND flash device cannot truly be defined by P/E cycles, due mainly to the differences in workload. The nature of the workload is highly dependent on the end application.  It is therefore important to thoroughly understand the requirements of the NAND flash based upon the specific application and work from there.

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